The bvEXPRESS Story

bvEXPRESS was created by Martin P. Randisi who has significant experience as an expert witness and as an Owner, Officer, and Director of closely-held businesses.

As one of the first CPA's to do discovery, financial analysis and business valuations for Equitable Distribution and shareholder actions in New York State, Martin has seen the evolution of discovery and understands the role of the business appraiser/investigative accountant in divorce and litigation.

He believes that in litigation and mediation today there is a need to give litigants and attorneys a "heads up" in the process: The bvEXPRESS process is designed to:

Mr. Randisi does not suggest that matters be shortchanged. bvEXPRESS should help encourage settlement and if not then bvEXPRESS diagnostic reports can help the parties to conduct focused, cost effective discovery.

If cases do not settle, Mr. Randisi is available to conduct a full forensic accounting program and business appraisal.